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What is SponsorCoin™?

The SponsorCoin™ platform has been developed to provide anyone with the ability to promote favored brands to gain levels and earn SponsorCoin™ which can be redeemed for products from any participating brand.  Want to step it up and earn real cash, then level-up to become a Pro-Influencer.

SponsorCoin™ provides the platform to express yourself through the brands you cherish… and get paid for it.

Why Get Involved?

Influencers today can choose their own level of involvement.  They can participate in promoting brands as a means to get discounts, supplement income or dedicate themselves and make it their primary source of income.

Building and connecting with a community can be inspiring. Sharing with other people the things that you love and that inspire you, are one of the biggest rewards of becoming an influencer.

How it Works

Once joined, influencers will choose the brands that they want to promote. The influencer can than participate in a brands campaign by simply promoting through their social network channels adding assets provided by the brands campaign and/or adding their own authentic videos, images, and dialogue.

With each engagement the influencer has the opportunity to level-up for better discounts and earn SponsorCoin™ which can be redeemed on products from participating brands.

The Micro-Influencer

Anyone can become a Micro-Influencer. The Micro-Influencer wants to help and be a part of the success of their favorite brands.  They typically have anywhere between 1 and 100K followers.  They participate in promoting brands compaigns, collecting coins and recieving discounts.

The Micro-Pro

The Micro-Pro influencers have large social networks of 500K+ and are looking for additional revenue streams that can suppliment their earnings with real cash.
The Micro-Pro recieves coins, discounts and can begin to earn real cash.

The Pro-Influencer

The Pro-Influencer is the influencer of influencers.  These pros have massive followings of 1M+ and contribute significantly to the success of a brands campaign. These pros are looking for long-term revenue streams that are recurring rather than one-time payments.
Pro-Influencers earn cash, coins and discounts.

The Age of the Influencer!

Be on the leading edge of the micro influencer marketing movement. Reward yourself.



We are looking for early adopters. Become a beta tester and help us deliver the best influencer platform in the market.

Help us and we will dump a boatload of coin in your account!